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James Huntsman 1801
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Hebron, Utah Cemetery
History of Gunlock, Utah

Joseph Smith Huntsman was born at Caldwell, Mo 29 Dec 1838
He married Lucy Elizabeth Truman 11 Mar 1884 at St. George, Wash., Utah Lucy Elizabeth Truman was born at St. George or Wa, Wash., Utah 8 Oct 1864 daughter of Jacob Mica Truman and Elizabeth Boyce

They were the parents of 11 children:
Ollie Marie Huntsman born 29 May 1885
Margeret Jane Huntsman born 21 Feb 1887
George Albert Huntsman born 17 Jan 1889
Esther Huntsman born 25 May 1891
Jacob Emery Huntsman born 9 Mar 1893
Milo Parker Huntsman born 24 Jan 1895
Anthony Call Huntsman born 17 Feb 1896
Hannah Loretta Huntsman born 29 Jul 1898
James William Huntsman born 28 Aug 1899
Richard Ira Huntsman born 27 Sep 1902
Aaron Farr Huntsman born 21 May 1905

Joseph Smith Huntsman died 19 Jun 1921 at Gunlock, Wash., Utah
Lucy Elizabeth Truman died 21 May 1905 at St Clair, Churchill, Nevada

orson welcome

Orson Welcome Huntsman Diary

Written by himself
Edited by Laura & Lila

huntsman annals

Huntsman Annals

Author: Lamond Welcome Huntsman
Published Date: 1971

huntsman heritage

Huntsman Heritage

Author: Justesen, Elaine
Published Date: 1991

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Huntsman Family History . org was started by a family member who, even from a very young age, was interested in his Huntsman Family History. He was astonished recently when someone asked him, "Did your wife get you into family history! Huntsman Family History was a concept that has been the beginning of his work on other family lines, including his wife's family. Recently, the developer of Huntsman Family History was at an outdoor summer party at the home of his neighbor's parents. He began talking to his neighbor's father about his neighbor's father's family. Through the conversation, he found out that his neighbor's father's family is related to his wife's family through her maternal grandmother. Her maternal grandmother's father and his neighbor's father's mother's father are brothers!

The Huntsman Family History . org Web site has been the beginning of a wonderful endeavor to encourage others to create a centralized online repository where the momentos, photos, histories, charts, and forms of a particular family can be located for all relatives to value, appreciate, benefit from, and enjoy!

The Web site developer for Huntsman Family History . org is a resident of the state of Utah. His Huntsman ancestor, James William Huntsman came to Utah with a daughter in 1851. James William's wife and the rest of their family joined them in Utah the next year. Initially they settled a short distance southwest of Salt Lake City, near the Great Salt Lake, in a place named Lake Point. After a time, the family went further south and settled in a town west of Cedar City named Hebron, the remnants of which is a cemetery. From their, decendants moved further east to Thurber (now named Bicknell) and from there decentants moved to Ferron. My father lived in Castle Dale and moved our family to Sandy, Utah in 1961 (110 year's after the first Huntsman came to Utah!). After I married, we moved to Bountiful, Utah. So, if you trace the route of where the Huntsman's settled from 1851 to 1991 (when we moved to Bountiful) you will see a loop and a line that crosses the original line, so I say, "The Huntsman's lassoed Utah!"

The furthest back that I have been able to research the Huntsman Family History is to the mid 1700s to a place in south central Pennsylvania known as Northumberland. I discoved that the main settlers to this area were from Germany. I plan to research the DNA research of the Huntsman's to find out what part of Germany the Huntsman's came from.